Each series includes four recorded workshops, pre- & post workshop resources and bonus material

  • Series 1. How do I know what question to ask?
        • How do I know what question to ask?
        • "If only God would give us a sign"
        • Giving your clean questions 'oomph'
        • Using specialised clean questions
        • Bonus material

  • Series 2. The Structure of Desire
        • Outcomes: The desire to create
        • Remedies: The desire to heal
        • Problems: What are they good for?
        • Resources: Making use of what you have
        • Bonus material

  • Series 3. How People Change
        • The shape of things to come: What kind of change?
        • On the cusp: What happens just before?
        • New territory: What’s happening now?
        • After effects: Then what happens?
        • Bonus material

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