About InsideClean Series 5

The theme for the 2023 series of InsideClean is Inside Whole Clean Sessions . This invaluable material will be presented in four 90-minute interactive workshops (starting 19:00 UK time):

1. Mar 13th
2. May 8th
3. Sep 11th
4. Nov 13th

Each module includes a preparatory activity to get you in the frame of mind for a live workshop (recorded in case you miss it) and lots of post-workshop resources. Sign up and you will also get instant access to special bonus material not available anywhere else.

About this series
When we (Penny & James) first saw David Grove working in the early 90s, we knew we wanted to be able to do what he was doing. One of the primary ways we learned to acquire the skills was by watching him facilitate whole sessions. This gave us many insights into the various parts of a clean session and how it all fits together as a whole.

Series 5 of InsideClean goes some way to replicate this way of learning. We (James, Penny and Marian) will provide whole client sessions as a learning context. This means during each workshop we will examine our modelling and decision-making during a complete Symbolic Modelling session.

Beforehand you will have access to a recording and transcript of the session so that you can do your own modelling, and can formulate your thoughts and questions ahead of time. And if you were with us on any of InsideClean Series 1-4, you will probably notice the rich material that we sectioned into learning steps, coming together into a flowing dance.

We expect that as we journey through this series together you'll gain insights similar to those Penny and James did in their original modelling of David Grove.

Naturally, what we'll actually discuss will depend on what occurs during each session, and we expect to explore topics such as:

> What subtle information in the early exchanges in a session do we take into account?

> How are our questions influenced by the client’s desired outcome and what else do we take into account?

> What does ‘dynamically modelling the client's information’ mean and how does it help us decide where is most valuable for the client to attend to?

> What client patterns do we notice at the time and what additional patterns do we notice by studying the transcript afterwards?

> What patterns do we notice in ourselves as facilitators?

> On reflection, sessions seem to have a natural flow. How does that happen when neither the client nor the facilitator know where it will end up?

Immediately after enrolment you will have access to bonus material: a 16 minute video of a complete session, 'Developing a Resource Metaphor: An infectious flow'.

InsideClean Series 5 will be led by
Penny Tompkins, James Lawley and Marian Way
supported by Emily Edwards

Course modules

Content will be added as the series progresses

    1. Welcome to InsideClean Series 5

    2. How to use this platform

    3. Tell us a little about yourself (if this is your first InsideClean event)

    4. Download your Clean Set-up activity (for your own use) - PDF

    5. Download your Clean Set-up activity (for your own use) - Word file

    6. Preparing for workshop-1: READ Activity guide

    7. Preparing for workshop 1: DOWNLOAD Transcript of the clean coaching session

    8. Preparing for workshop 1: READ an article explaining Symbolic Modelling Lite

    9. Preparing for Workshop-1: WATCH video of whole clean coaching session (35 minutes)

    10. Workshop 1: Video Recording (76 minutes)

    11. Workshop 1: SLIDES shown during workshop

    12. Workshop 1: CHART mapping the Vectors and Phases of a session

    13. Workshop 1: Complete transcript of the client session - ANNOTATED for flow

    14. Workshop-1: Even more resourses

    1. Preparing for Workshop 2

    2. Workshop 2: Pre-workshop activity VIDEO (61 minutes)

    3. Workshop 2: Pre-workshop activity TRANSCRIPT

    4. Workshop 2: Video Recording (90 minutes)

    5. Workshop 2: SLIDES

    6. Workshop 2: Facilitating client to consider two perceptions - 8 SCHEMA

    7. Workshop 2: TRANSCRIPT annotated for vectors and two-perception questions

    8. Workshop-2: More resourses

    1. Welcome to your bonus content

    2. Developing a Resource Metaphor: An infectious flow (complete 16-minute session VIDEO)

    3. Developing a Resource Metaphor: An infectious flow (complete 16-minute session AUDIO)

    4. Developing a Resource Metaphor: An infectious flow (complete 16-minute session TRANSCRIPT)

    5. Interview 18: What are binds and double binds and how do they fit into your model? (12-minute VIDEO)

    6. Interview 18: What are binds and double binds and how do they fit into your model? (12-minute AUDIO)

    7. Interview 18: What are binds and double binds and how do they fit into your model? (TRANSCRIPT)

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