Online live Workshop-2

May 20th at 14:00 EST / 19:00 UK / 20:00 CET

In Workshop 1 we explained that we do two things before we decide what question to ask: 

  • We model the client’s information from their perspective, and 
  • We calibrate their response to our previous question. 

In Workshop 2 we will focus on the seldom-discussed, but hugely-important topic of calibration.

In Symbolic Modelling, ‘calibrating’ means noticing signs that indicate the client’s internal state, and also their relationship with their metaphors. We do not calibrate particular states, rather we notice indicators of broad categories of states and meta-comments. The signs we pay attention to depend on where we are in the process and we use these, together with our modelling of the client’s information, to select our next Clean Language question.

But how do we know our question will bear fruit for the client? We can’t know – but we do know that certain signs are indicators of potential. Noticing these signs is especially important early in a session – before any changes have happened. We look for signs that the client’s state is ‘preparing the ground’, ‘approaching something significant’, ‘surprised at what just happened’ or their metaphor landscape is, as David Grove used to say, ‘going psychoactive’ . 

Becoming an excellent clean facilitator using Symbolic Modelling means learning a new set of calibration skills.

Also, moment-by-moment calibrating whether the client is benefiting from the process – or not – is not just feedback about our effectiveness, it’s our way of knowing that we are facilitating the client in an ethical manner. 

This second online live workshop will be highly practical with real-life examples and opportunity for you to develop your skills.

How it works

Live online learning, with all your materials in one place

  • Pre-work

    As soon as you join us you will get access to the pre-work for our live session together. The pre-work can be a short exercise, a video to watch or an article to read, paired with some questions to help you reflect on the topic. This way, when you enter the workshop you are prepared to dive in and get maximum benefit from the event.

  • Our Online Workshop

    On May 20th, 19:00 UK time, we meet in our online workshop room in Zoom. You'll hear and see all the participants as if we are in a physical room together. There will be opportunities to do actvities in small groups, providing a rich learning experience. All you need is a device with a camera and microphone, and internet access of course.

  • Your library of learning materials

    All pre-work, the recording of the live workshop and any extra materials will remain available for you in the InsideClean portal. The workshops are planned so that learning can happen on many levels, and the more you go back and review, the more you will learn, and the more your skills will improve.

  • Accessible from anywhere

    We have planned this online workshop so everyone, regardless of skill level, can benefit. No travelling necessary. You can explore the depths of this work and have rich learning experiences from the comfort of your own home.

What you need to join

You will get the most out of our time together if you are already familiar with: 

  • Asking Clean Language questions
  • Working with clients' metaphors 
  • The Problem-Remedy-Outcome (PRO) model.

Links to information about these topics is available here.

You don't need to have participated in workshop 1 to benefit but ...

... we do recommend watching it first. You will get even more value by becoming a Member of InsideClean. This will give you access to all four workshops and  the bonus material.

Course modules

  • 1
    Welcome to Workshop-2
    • Welcome to Workshop-2
    • How to use this platform
    • Tell us a little about yourself if you haven't already for Workshop 1
  • 2
    Your pre-work for Workshop-2
    • Your preparation for May 20th, 2019
    • Your pre-work answers
  • 3
    Your live workshop joining details
    • How to join us
  • 4
    Your workshop replay
    • The replay of workshop-2 (90 minutes)
    • Workshop-2 copy of SLIDES
    • Workshop-2 Video Clip 1 (Pre-work)
    • Workshop-2: Clip-1 (Pre-work) Annotated Transcript
    • Workshop-2 Video Clip-2
    • Workshop-2: Clip-2 Annotated Transcript
    • Workshop-2 Video Clip-3
    • Workshop-2: Clip-3 Annotated Transcript
  • 5
    Next Steps...
    • Even more resources for you
    • Before you go...

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