Recommended experience

You will get most out of our time together if you are already familiar with: Asking Clean Language questions; Working with clients’ metaphors; and especially the Problem-Remedy-Outcome (PRO) model. Information on these topics is available from:

• Download an overview of the Symbolic Modelling Lite framework.

• Read about the Problem-Remedy-Outcome model.

• Watch this video of a Clean Language session which demonstrates Symbolic Modelling Lite and the PRO model in action.

• Then read the analysis of our Clean Language questions and download our line-by-line comments in the annotated transcript.


Once you have signed up for InsideClean, you will be eligible for a 50% discount for Penny and James' Introduction to Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling online training which covers all of the above, and more! Contact for your personal discount code.

If you are not sure if your prior training is sufficient, please contact us at:

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