Series 1: Workshop-1


How do I know what question to ask?

In the 20 years we’ve been training Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling, the question we’ve been asked more than any other is: “How do you know what question to ask?

This question is important because it goes to the heart of being a clean facilitator. And yet we think there is an even more important question to consider: What do experienced clean facilitators do before they decide what question to ask? 

When you join us, you will:

  • Learn the two things we do before we decide what question to ask next.  
  • Find out what we pay attention to in clients' information, and what we consider most important.
  • Discover our purpose for asking our question.
  • Realise just how important clients' perceptual space is to everything we do.
  • Understand how we model the embodied and inherent logic of clients' metaphors.
  • Know which of clients' words not to include in your questions.
  • Practice selecting parts of clients' information which help create condtions for them to "ease entry into the matrix of [their] experience" (David Grove).

And the result?  Your clients and colleagues will have insights that surprise them. They will experience how your clean questions find a way through their everyday explanations to shine light on the heart of the matter – creating conditions for their creativity to be stimulated and flourish. 

This workshop will be highly practical with plenty of real-life examples and activities for you to practice.

How it works

Live online learning, with all your materials in one place

  • Pre-work

    As soon as you join us, you will get access to the pre-work for the recorded workshops. The pre-work can be a short exercise, a video to watch or an article to read, paired with some questions to help you reflect on the topic. This way, when you enter the workshop you are prepared to dive in and get maximum benefit from the event.

  • The Workshop

    It will be like you have joined an online workshop. You'll hear and see all the participants as if we are in a physical room together. You will not be able to be part of the small groups but you will be able to do the activities with a friend or colleague after you have watched the recording.

  • Your library of learning materials

    All pre-work, the workshop recording and all the extra materials will remain available for you in the InsideClean portal. The workshops are planned so that learning can happen on many levels, and the more you go back and review, the more you will learn, and the more your skills will improve.

  • Accessible from anywhere

    We have planned this online workshop so everyone, regardless of skill level, can benefit. No travelling necessary. You can explore the depths of this work and have rich learning experiences from the comfort of your own home.

What you need to join

You will get the most out of our time together if you are already familiar with: 

  • Asking Clean Language questions
  • Working with clients' metaphors 
  • The Problem-Remedy-Outcome (PRO) model.

Links to information about these topics is available here.

Course modules

  • 1
    Welcome to Workshop-1
    • Welcome to Workshop-1
    • How to use this platform
    • Tell us a little about yourself
  • 2
    Your pre-work for Workshop-1
    • Your preparation for February 25th, 2019
    • Your pre-work answers
  • 3
    Your live workshop joining details
    • How to join us
  • 4
    Your workshop replay
    • The replay of workshop-1 (90 minutes)
    • Workshop-1 copy of SLIDES
    • Workshop-1: All 4 video clips (6 minutes)
    • Workshop-1: Transcript and analysis of session lines 1-12
    • Workshop-1: Penny & James worksheet - Part A Pre-work
    • Workshop-1: Penny & James worksheet - Part 2 lines 3-12
  • 5
    Next Steps...
    • Even more resources for you
    • Before you go...

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